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Crimond stock cars Demolition Derby.


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For all you petrol heads out there....

Crimond Stock Car club is having it's annual demolition derby this Sunday. 3 or 4 hours of good racing, followed by 40 cars on the track smashing into each other until there's only one car left moving. He wins. Nutters in wrecked Ford Sierras crashing into each other, then climbing out of their cars and having a fist-fight. All round, good entertainment.

Maybe see y'all there, first race at 1pm.

crimond raceway

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Crimmond is outside Fraserburgh if memory serves right

Yup, it's halfway between Fraserburgh and Peterhead, about half an hour drive from Aberdeen. There's piss all else there except the race track and a newsagent. And a great big old airfield that's not used any more, except for cattle grazing.

The racing's fun but the track is tiny, only 400 metres, same size as a running track. They used to use the old runways for the stock car racing and motorbike racing, but they stopped and built the little oval, dunno why.

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