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Mick Harvey - Two Of Diamonds


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Anyone picked this new album up yet?

If so, what do you think?

I got it a while back, and I really like it, like a crooner with a really dark edge.

Caught him live at the Dirty Three curated ATP earlier this year, and I must admit I wasn't that impressed. He did play a few tracks off 'Two Of Diamonds', and they did sound substantially better than anything off 'One Man's Treasure', but they still left me underwhelmed. To give him the benefit of the doubt, he did seem a bit narky that evening so he might not have been on the best of forms, but other bands playing (such as Devestations) blew him clean out of the water.

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someone was in my work asking about that album today.

is it any good?

I want to know too. Popped in to One Up to try and pick it up today but they'd sold out. Coals is a pretty decent album, although I always get stuck in a loop playing the opener - 'Sex and Mayhem' - because, quite frankly, it's a fookin' great track.

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If you sold me the Russian Circles album and are called 'Scott', it most definitely was. Isn't it wonderful how often we forget we're using anonymous usernames on a website.


that made my day. listened to russian circles on the myspack. cool as fuck. some awesome melodies, such a cool sound. cheers.

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