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GHOST OF BONGO + Mr Goodkat + Krank Solo + Element 106

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Saturday 27th October @ The Moorings

Ghost of Bongo are funky indie rockers with saxophones and keyboards and handclaps. Itll be like a tornado of fun ripping through the bar. Unless youre a fresher, youll probably have caught them somewhere over the last year or two, had a couple of pints, and got your groove on. Good clean fun, and no animals are ever harmed.

Tool, Oceansize, QOTSA, Biffy, Led Zep......... You get the picture as yet another ace Livi band visits Aberdeen. This lot like to mix prog and spacerock up with bits of funk - aye, like Faith No More used to do funk, mind. For fans of Black Atom, Hot Mangu and The Stone Temple Kings equally.

Krank Solo are a five-piece heavy rock band who hail from central Scotland and have built up a strong following of loyal fans due to their intensely powerful songs and explosive live performances. Whilst their music isn't afraid to show influences from bands such as Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath and Soundgarden, their individuality shines through in their original material. This year Krank Solo will unleash their very own brand of Robotic Sex Stoner Grunge Sex Rock Metal on an unsuspecting world, while trying to convince you that the nightmare is only just beginning...

Element 106 are metal. Which metal? THE HEAVIEST METAL!!!!!





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