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Charvel Star electric guitar for sale


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I am looking to sell my fantastic Charvel Star electric guitar.

It's red with super-fast hard rock maple 22-fret neck and fingerboard, and single JB4 pickup in the bridge position. The tone is incredible; sharp, broad, powerful and thick all at once; these are the benefits of having a single humbucker routed straight to a volume pot to a jack socket on a top quality alder body. She also plays like a dream, a very smooth, fast, jumbo- fretted dream.

The guitar comes with fitted Charvel hardcase, and Original Floyd Rose locking tremolo system; the only choice if you want a floating trem that actually works. All Charvel guitars are made in their USA custom shop facility.

These retail for 1499, I am looking for around 800 for mine's.

If you harbour aspirations of one day owning a top quality american-made metal axe, but never thought you could afford it or never found one you've liked, this may be the one chance you get to pick up something as heroic as this for anywhere near this money.

Pictures available on request, of course.

Any questions, fire them here or @ rodthunder@btinternet.com



p.s. I'm only selling it because I don't play it as much as a quality piece of gear like this should be played, and I have other things that I will use that cost lots of money on my shopping list.

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