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  1. classic shredders guitar! much better than what Ibanez currently churn out too.
  2. He would say that! Nae Friedman= nae chance!
  3. I have not heard this record yet, but given Megadeth have some of the finest metal releases ever committed to tape in their back catalogue, I shall certainly be doing so. That said, "The System Has Failed" wasn't up to much.
  4. Wasn't Czaba talking about making Zaliukas Hearts' captain this year, at one point?! That just illustrates what a joke of a football club Hearts are; the boy has a chronic discipline problem and was sent off four times last year, so what better to learn him his lesson than to give him the club captaincy? Bizarre.
  5. aye, Hearts are putting in a good shift eh? Almost number 5 there.
  6. Clearer the Sky and To Catch A Predator killed it. Good weekend, awesome night out Saturday at Korova as well. Nice one Steve!
  7. Tannadice, Ibrox, Parkhead, Tynecastle, Easter Road, old Love Street, Rugby Park, Fir Park, Dens, Pittodrie, McDiarmid, Gayfield, New Douglas Park (shitehole), East End Park, Links Park, Forthbank, Hampden, Nou Camp, Craven Cottage, old Wembley is my list.... I think!
  8. I just got this; and can confirm that it is a mighty piece of amplification unit. Particularly when played through aforementioned Mesa 4x12. Rich tone.
  9. Clearer The Sky killed it last night in Dundee. Totally amazing.
  10. Louis is completely awesome. I must go watch this.
  11. Most of the strips in this thread are awesome, even the ones which are meant to be awful. There is not enough technicolour dreamcoatery in todays football work. Also, aforementioned United away top (93-94 I think) with the black marbled paint splatter effect is an absolute classic. I owned that top and cherished it dearly. Here it is; BEAUTY.
  12. They need to win games to ensure maximum points, so if Burley persists with this one- up carry on then we're certainly odds on not to qualify. I can't understand why he wouldnt take a punt and go for two up top, take the game to them and see what happens. The worst that'll happen is that we won't qualify, which would be nothing new either way. 4 across the midfield would have another benefit in that Paul Hartley wouldn't get a game; he's absolutely stinking.
  13. The Jackson you have there is a DXMG.
  14. "Moving from Hither to Yonder" or whitever its called by CTS would be an epic choice if we're going down that route.
  15. I take exception. However, any team that runs out to "Jump" is onto a winner.
  16. There was something very frustrating about watching Real Madrid, who have already spent 200 million + this summer, struggle to beat Shamrock Rovers.
  17. I agree completely. I also think that whilst Ibrahimovic is a much better player than Eto'o, he's not 25mil better.
  18. Is that a USA Vintage '52 telecaster in butterscotch blonde or do my eyes deceive me? If it is, then that is a beautiful, lovely, fantastic piece of instrument.
  19. Undoubtedly there are three parts to the equation, as already identified by Dan. I think all three are equally important if it's true quality tone you seek. However, obviously a skilled/ technically tidy/ well- practiced/ clean picking guitarist with tone in his or her fingers will sound decent through a cheap guitar into a good amp. Conversely though, the same guitarist will sound decent with a good guitar into a cheap amp. Or into nothing. By the same token though, a guitarist who is possibly not as technically skilled as another can compensate through having an excellent rig which is suited to their playing style thus masking their inconsistencies and emphasising their strengths. In short, horses for courses. Although I still think it's wrong to say that the amp is more or less important.
  20. I usually very find your posts very amusing and/ or informative and almost always entertaining, but unfortunately on this occasion you are totally wrong.
  21. My Strat has a soft V neck too; really comfortable profile. You replacing the pickups on it or just the hardware?
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