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Cerebral Inferno require vocalist


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Due to time wasters we're still looking for a vocalist. We're a heavy metal with a progressive edge.

MySpace.com - Cerebral Inferno - aberdeen, UK - Metal / Progressive / Rock - www.myspace.com/cerebralinferno or Cerebral Inferno <cerebralinferno>

we have a rent free practice room with a vocal P.A we jam every Sunday afternoon,

give us a shout on here if you want a jam


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Ive listened to about 5 minutes worth of two of the songs on there, and STILL havent even heard any drums.

So much for "The razor sound of Bonners guitar feels like its cutting through your body like a goat horn, while Randy Watsons thundering deep bass lines rumble through your balls with rage, Gary's double kick pounding, hitting you like punches without mercy, fat boys liquid lines slicing through your face"

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