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  1. Yo man, guitarist here. Pm me on fb. Paul bonner Jnr
  2. I saw some on the blacked out windows of the old Mecca Bingo/Amadeus building down the beach. Said something like "By 2015 there will be no dogs left" There was a shitload more but that was the only one I can remember.
  3. The amp is still up for grabs folks...
  4. it does indeed but im also chuckin in a boost/reverb footswitch (you do mean the push/pull for the boost EQ aye)
  5. Selling the head with or without a 4x10 marshall lead cab. Did some searching online and cant find much on prices, there is one on ebay (just the head) that needs new pots for 140. Great for classic rock and blues tones. Make me a (reasonable) offer also getting rid of a westfield hardcase. superb condition would fit any "standard" shape guitars witt straigh or angled headstock. 40 ono# both need to go asap.
  6. as title says, the wah is boxed and is in superb condition. 60?
  7. best to grab some seperate decent quility pics and mash 'em up.
  8. amp is now gone. hardcase still for sale.
  9. drums are gone. the others are still for sale.
  10. bass crybaby wah, still boxed, mint condition. 60 ono
  11. Peavey Rage 158 15w guitar amp - 25 ono Pearl Export 5 piece drumkit in dark blue, comes with kick pedal, hi-hats, crash and hardware.- 120 ono Hiscox guitar hardcase to fit fender style guitars. - 40 ono cheers.
  12. If you have the right tools, theres really no way you can go wrong. Unless you're heavy handed and careless that is.
  13. Its actually quite an easy fix (if you're handy with soldering). Other than that its easy enough to fit a new jack socket.
  14. Ive now found my happiness.
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