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Changes to Friday DJs


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there have been a couple of changes to the Friday DJs:

Ceejay and Chris have both left. Chris to go to Canada, and CeeJay because she got fed up after doing it for 5 years.

The replacements are Julie (our Saturday night bar tender) and Del Franklin.

Friday 1 will be Del Franklin. I suspect that this will not be altogether dissimilar fromt he type of stuff that CeeJay used to play, perhaps just a little broader and more cross genre.

Friday 4 is Julie, assisted by myself when she gets too minging. This encompases most things but with extra focus on ska, punk, reggae, funk and *WHOOPEE* disco. With a sprinkling of goth and electronica thrown in.

Friday 5 (when these occur) will feature Julie and Forsythia (from Supernaut).

New names for these nights and proper cool DJ aliases to follow shortly.

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