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fudge jingles

The Ghost Of Fudge

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hey. i put up some old fudge jingles on the myspace site. they're fuckin class.


i also put up our seasonal favourite "The Twelve Days Of Fudgemas". it's appauling, don't listen to it in an office, or you'll be shunned by your workmates.

if anyone can be arsed recording their own jingle, it'll be considered for the site and, of course, the next fabulous fudge fanzine CD compilation.

i expect this to arrive around september.

there: i've said it now.

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Guest DustyDeviada

Finally got round to listening to this, haven't heard it since we recorded it, must be a good 5 years ago?

I'm pretty sure that's me doing the "harmony" on the five rings bit, also I seem to be just about the only one singing on verse 6, everybody else is just cracking up.

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Guest DustyDeviada

Memories of that day also include... everybody being hung over during that session... some jailbait 13 year old lassie being "convinced" to come along to a studio with some strange men and join in the fun... having to read some atrocious rhymes, can't remember what but I seem to remember the word "wendings" coming into it.

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