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Scotland is the "worst small country"


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Just one grant-seeking researcher's biased opinion.

The only thing I'd agree with on that article is the issue around Scotland's general health.

Scotland - especially the West where I'm from originally - has a dreadful and positively moronic attitude to diet, smoking & alchohol consumption.

In short, the country is full o' fat pie-munchin', disgusting fag-smokin' alkie bastards!

Apart from that (and the pishing rain), it's a great place to live - this area especially.

I'm sitting right next to an Englander who has moved up here to improve his lifestyle and there's more than a few of those in this office alone - I'm sure Neil would concur.

So in the words of my people - "Get it right up ye, Mr Wanky-Baws McLaren bastard"

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yea aberdeenshire and aberdeen are quite high ranking in the break down of the results. its' the rest of the country that lets us down :)

i think it's fucking shocking though, here's hoping it gets better with the change in government. obviously this is another shining example of how scotland is benefitting from the union though right? :)

interestingly enough there was another survey published today which also shows that the scottish economy was boosted dramatically in may. didn't labour tell us it would collapse if we got an snp government? hmm.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

Man, I dont get it. Just the other day I saw this fat drunk bald dude walking around topless and yelling shit, and his tattoos said that Scotland was the greatest.

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