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Julian Cope - Lemon Tree

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Julian Cope was abso-fucking-lutely brilliant.

I didn't know that much stuff by him before I went, but now I'm going to find his back catalogue.

His rambling monologues were ace and he dealt with the crowd really well. The two drunks with the hat were a bit annoying in the middle of the set.

And the support was funny. Do you have any normal ancestors Kitchen Cynic? You know, lived, worked, died. Rather than fell off a roof while shooting rats or sent to a mental hospital or killed by a truck or murdered his Dad.

Brilliant night.



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The one who murdered his dad wasn't a relative (that was Richard Dadd the Victorian artist). But you've got me thinking about doing a song about a normal relative...maybe my mum's grandad. The only thing remotely exciting about him was his interest in racing pigeons. Would he doo??? :)

I had a few errors in my set (and my looping pedal was on the blink), but what a great night from Julian!!!!!:up:

We bonded afterwards over our mutual liking for the stone circle at Midmar and the Desperate Bicycles, so I've just finished lyrics for a song called 'Julian is a Neo-Pict'.

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