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this might be a retarded question but basically i need word for my lovely new laptop so that i can write essays and such things for university. unfortunately, due to me being poor i cannot afford to pay 150 for microsoft office............is there anything i can do to get word on the cheap? i have vista and apparently the lovely people at microsoft like to check up on your registration or something like that and can tell when you have just taken a copy of office from your dad's work and used that registration key instead of paying them.

so anyway, any ideas?

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there might be a free alternative to MS office on the internet, anybody know of anything worth checking out?


Otherwise you could look at open source versions of office like Open Office (OpenOffice.org: Home) which is compatible with MS Office.


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Works is shite. The Word Processor isn't compatible with Word at all, leading to a last minute rush home to print off my essay there. Unfortunately, home was/is Newtonhill = me not being amused microsoft. not amused at all.

Seesm perfectly compatible to me you must be doing it wrong

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