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New Absinthe - and this one is the best yet!


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Jade PF 1901 is a reverse engineered clone of the most famous (notorious) absinthe of all Pernod Fils! Here's some info:

"PF 1901 is a tribute to what is the best known and most widely sampled pre-ban absinthe. Pernod Fils. PF 1901 takes its name from the year in which the original Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier caught fire.

When the distillery was rebuilt and repaired, out-dated alembics were replaced by the most modern equipment of the time. The old alembics were either destroyed by the fire and sold for scrap or sold off to smaller distilleries. The Combier Distillery purchased two of these 1100 liter stills and installed them along with the 8 smaller stills which had been a part of the distillery since 1894. The importance of this history and especially the authenticity of these two circa 1870's alembics were not overlooked when T.A. Breaux chose the Combier Distillery in which to make Jade vintage absinthes clones.

PF 1901 is a classic absinthe, balanced and crisp, with an appetizing herbal aroma and a smooth, lingering aftertaste. It should be noted that a large cache of pre-ban Pernod fils absinthe has recently been discovered and amongst the well-preserved bottles, there were a few in a remarkable state of preservation, retaining their original color and freshness. Those who have been fortunate enough to have been able to taste these and have also tasted the pre-release Jade PF 1901, are unanimous in their remarks as to the striking similarities between the vintage bottles and the Jade clone."

This absinthe clocks in at 68% abv.


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Tasted it last night for the first. WOW, easily my favourite absinthe. Very, very smooth. A real cut above everything else.

After hours the bar staff did a blind comparison with modern day Pernod... everyone could easily tell the difference on smell neat, smell after louche, and taste. It was like chalk and cheese. The modern Pernod tasted very chemically whereas the Pernod Fils was very fresh, clean, and natural tasting.

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