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Another pickup question...


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I'm ruminating on a possible guitar, basically a US Tele with a humbucker at the neck.

As I'm neither a police fan nor minted the Andy Summers tribute is out of the question but kind of shows what I mean. More kind of like Johnny Marrs I'd prefer to be honest.

So it'd mean buying a tele then getting it moded.

It would have to be a covered HB (for aesthetic reasons).

So what are the suggestions?

Oh I suppose I want a Matt Sweeney LP sounding thing really...

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Guest DustyDeviada

You would probably need to route the guitar and pickguard to get one of those to fit the tele though.

If you're not worried about looks you can get loads of single coil sized humbuckers.

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Pretty cool, except I would prefer the look of a full sized humbucker, and I don't like satin necks.

Yup I would disagree with ya on the full size 'bucker.

Oh and I'd have a rosewood board as well, oh, and a sunburst.

I'll reserve judgement on the satin neck though, not too sure to be honest.

But apart from that...!

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The best way of describing satin necks is that they have a "matt" finish, compared to the "gloss" finish that you get on most guitars.

Hey, my strat has a satin neck! Not an issue.

Although I like the idea of a 'dark circuit' the switching would probably need modding as well...

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