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Drummer needed for metal band


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We're on the lookout once again for a drummer. Gender isn't important and we're not necessarily looking for your stereotypical metal drummer. The ability to keep the beat, commitment and being able to come up with your own drum parts are what's important. If you also come with some fast double kick action, then that's an added bonus.

Some criteria:

Must be over 18

Live in Aberdeen (or be able to get in without difficulty) and is able to come to practice once a week (currently Monday nights, but could be flexible).

Is serious about being in a band and isn't going to change their mind after a couple of months.

Our main influences: Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon

We've got music written, all we need is a decent drummer to come in and finish it off, then we can look to start gigging by the summer.

PM if you're interested.


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im a drummer, 17 years old but im 18 in just under a month

been playing for about 3 years

influences : bleeding through, the red chord, lamb of god, all shall perish, misery signal, mastodon etc

give us a shout back if ur up for a jam


I remember asking you before and you not getting back to me. Ah well.

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