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Element update..


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We have a new song finished which we'll be playing live for the first time on Saturday.

It's probably the most diverse track we have as both me and Hog contributed to it so it has quite varied things going on throughout :)

Couple of other ideas coming through soon too which will hopefully surface in the very near future. :D

Hope to see everyone at the gig!

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bout time we had an elemental update.:band:

(speaking of which, maybe its time for a statue update)

unfortunately (I) wont be able to attend on saturday but hopefully we can get an element/statue/other good heavy bands gig on the go soon. give us a couple of weeks to finish this song we're working on and we can set it up. up for it?

and 'angel of death', I haven't forgotten about yer. again, finishing this song before i take steps. be in touch soon :headbang:

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