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Help on micro atx cases .... and cheapest place to buy computer parts online?

Johnny Mac

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Looking to build a new computer based on a micro ATX case (space is of a premium) and wondered if anyone knows the best place to buy components for this?

I'm gonna need the case, motherboard, processor and a new hard drive. I have loads of ddr ram and a good graphics card in my current pc.

And more importantly what am i best to go for?

I know ebuyer is quite good..... anywhere else? or are they my best bet?


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Hmmmm...bunch of cunts.

They'd need to have had improved their customer service & relations somewhat before I'd recommend them.

I had to involve Amex to resolve a dispute I had with them over faulty goods, that dragged on for months.

Ps - did I metion they're a bunch of cunts ?

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