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Soundscapists wanted

Humey Whilem

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I am looking for at least one other guitarist and potentially other instrumentalists to get up on stage quite quickly. At the moment your ability to improvise is valued much higher than your technical background. If you don't know what you're playing but it sounds ace then let me hear it!

Check out www.myspace.com/thejannesvanderwalappreciationsociety to get an idea of what I am doing at the moment. All tracks are 'live' recording (i.e. no overdubs just layered loops etc). Can be performed solo live but much more fun with other people to interact with.

I would like to see who else is into this. PM me if interested. Everyone welcome but if possible I would like to hear some of your stuff before meeting up.


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Guest davetherave


I'm definitely interested in doing some more stuff live. I played a gig last year as East of Insanity at the Tunnels (IM promotions). I use looping pedals, a guitar synth and other devices to create my soundscapes, but it would be much more fun and musically interesting to jam with others. My influences include Fripp, Belew, Eno and lots of other stuff.

Email me for mp3 examples of my stuff.


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