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Teenage Fanclub podcast

Michael MacLennan

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Hey there, I have had the pleasure of recording The Herald's first-ever podcast, an interview with Teenage Fanclub ahead of their sold-out show at the Barrowlands tonight.

As some of you probably know, they're playing 1991's Bandwagonesque in its entirely, which was voted Spin magazine's album of the year in 1991, ahead of Nirvana's Nevermind, REM's Out of Time and My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. I caught up with Brendan O'Hare and Norman Blake from the band at Mono to talk about the upcoming show, their memories of the recording and the reaction afterwards. The interview also includes their recollections of a recent near-death experience caused by a flying twiglet, and dressing up in dodgy Elvis costumes for a BBC session back in the day...

The podcast

And the associated article

Anyway, the more people than download this the better, as it will show those in charge at The Herald that there's an appetite for more coverage of Scottish music in the paper and on the website. (Obviously my concerns are completely altruistic...) So I hope a few of you are able to have a listen and tell any fans of the band about it, and if you want to give some feedback (the e-mail address is michael.maclennan@theherald.co.uk) it would be very much appreciated, in case I get the chance to do more of the same in the future. Thanks!

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