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The Needles, Paul Research, Shock & Awe + Aka the Fox 7th Oct Kittylitter@ Tunnels

Guest Giles Walker

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Guest Giles Walker

Saturday the 7th sees all these bands plus the Dj talents of yours truly at one of Aberdeens best music venues.

The Needles


Face it, you know these guys and if you don't then you should

Paul Research


Ex front man of the seminal Scottish punk band The Scars, still rockin with visuals and all. Very Punkfunk, hence why i dig it and had a full page in SMASH HITS!

Shock and Awe


Edinburgh punk/new wave rockers with a reputation for consistently stunning live shows and all the right influences.

Aka the Fox


Ex Aberdeen ravers after putting down the ecstacy pipes and picking up instruments to make electro punkrock tunes that are actually pretty damn good. These guys kick ass live as well.

And on top of all of this you get my punkfunk indie electro disco afterwards as well.

All of this for just £4

Check out my myspaz


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Guest Giles Walker

Yeah i reckon i'll put them on about 9.30-10ish.

Although it would be cool to stick them on at 2.30 and let them close the night but i doubt they'd agree to that and it would mean Jenny would have to sit around until silly o' clock.

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Shock And Awe

cheers to everyone who checked us out, we had a great time

our demos page ....


.... has 2 tracks from the gig recorded through the mixing desk available to download -our very own seemingly permanently contemporary love song "Iraq" and Heartbreakers cover "Chinese Rocks" with special guest guitarist the legendary Paul Research

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