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Kenetic Show - 28th Sept - Tunnels


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Damn. Same night as an Eddison gig at the student union. I`d like to see both Kenetic and Eddison but am not sure if that would be possible. Anyone know what time either band is expected on stage at each gig and whether I could feasibly catch both without the need for a time machine, (mine is still in the post) or one of those teleport machines Jeff Goldblum had.

I also have no idea how far away from each other the venues are.

All advice gratefully received. TIA.

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just a wee thanks to everyone who came along and a special thanks to rachie!(rainbow princess) for working with us and adding her cello magic. Craigy boy fae union of knives for playing a fine set of songs for ciaran. the cellers for doing what they do, and likewise reikenology. all in all it was a really good night hope to see you all again for the gig on the 12th of october at the tunnels again.. oh thats if we aren't in jail yet eh hen?

Rae x

oh and if anyone's interested i did a wee interview for the cogno magazine about the gig so you should be able to see that on the 9th of october issue.

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