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American Jazz Bass With Maple Fretboard and 3 colour Sunburst finish

Sam 45

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Anyone selling one or does anyone know where i can find one? Best price i've seen is about 750.


What to do is ' date=' walk into The shop ( sound control ? ) im not from abby dabby hahah. And say, I have this, can you make it happen. I just bought a 5 string American Deluxe jazz bass for 150 less than what sound control where asking and got a years interest Free.

If you pay up front though, they will give you more off. I could have got it for 1000 , but I setteled for 1049.

I guess though, you are getting Sunburst which costs like 50 more.

But aye if that fails

Take a trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow and go to the shop GuitarGuitar. [url']www.guitarguitar.co.uk

They're price is usally liek, 100 less than the average.

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Nah sorry' date=' not interested in the mexican.[/quote']

So why did you ask for pictures ? :rolleyes:

I clearly stated it was mexican in my first post and lets face it , nobody is going to sell you an american bass for 300.................

Rant over , but don't knock it 'till you've tried one , when I bought this bass it was because I preferred the neck profile of the mexican over the US model at the time , it's about the same width but much shallower and a flatter board , money was not the issue.

Fender have actually changed the shape of the american 5 neck and it is now more like the mexican one , I also have an american deluxe V with the 18v pre-amp and the neck is almost identical to the one in the pictures above , the finish and electrics are much better than the mexican one but they should be for 1500 :love:

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