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Did no one go see GNR then?


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I was at the Manchester show - first 4 songs were in-fuckin-credible (...Jungle, Its So Easy, Brownstone and a fantastic Live and Let Die), seriously up there with the best gigs I've ever seen. Then it all went a bit wrong. Still some good stuff, but the momentum was ruined with pointless, awful solos (why play an entire "Don't Cry" solo instead of just PLAYING the song?), and terrible new songs (maybe take a few listens?). November Rain, Patience, and finished with Paradise City - all in all a good gig, but could have been phenominal.

Anyone do the Glasgow show?

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Yeah they didn't come on stage until 10:05 were on for just under 2 1/2 hours. Lots of pointless solo's with the guys trying to be slash but failing miserably.

Axl also kept running off stage during songs, more so during the fast paced songs such as paradise city, mr brownstone, live and let die, you could be mine.

I personally enjoyed it, apart from what has been mentioned above. Izzy appearing was also good to see, although why he only played a few songs and didn't just start with the band is beyond me!!

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