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amen andrews vs spac hand luke

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just came in the mail today and its pretty nuts so far!

if you liked viberts amen andrews series or even his funky house shite then you love this album!

anybody else got it or heard it?

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I just listened to it in one up today (Tich told me about it)...

I was swithering, but didn't buy it in the end, thought the "joke" would wear off soon enough...

loved the "screwface" version (I've got the 1994 original), brilliant.

some fucking terrible basslines, but, it's on rephlex, so of course it's taking the piss!

I did buy "YosepH" the other day, love that lp, just the right amount of sillyness + great grooves...

I ended up buying the Basic Channel "Round one to Round five" (main street 12" series)...some wicked minimal house + dub remixes. I've purchased form Ebay too, some Pan Sonic, Jan Jelineck, Kit Clayton and Christian Vogel...all for much cheapness! woo hooo!

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