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just bought a fuji finepix s1 slr pro off ebay, alived yesterday, but when i switch it on it coms on error on the screen, ive replaced all the 3 different types of baterrys it neads which is in the trouble shooting guide in the manual with no luck.

the guy i bought it off, is willing to take it back, but it was a sweet bargain at 250, and id rather see if its just a minor thing.

(i have installed a memory card)

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Guest Craig C

What lens do you have on the camera? Error messages normally mean either 1 of 3 things:

1. The lens you have mounted on the camera is not electronically compatible (usually found in older Sigma or 3rd party lenses).

2. The memory card needs formatting or is faulty.

3. There is a fault with the camera itself.

Hope this helps.

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im using a SIGMA 28 - 135mm ZOOM LENS' date=' when hit the button to take a photo the lens does move, i reckon its a fault with the camera itself, because the back screen doesnt come on at all. cheers[/quote']

Send it back, it sounds like it is fucked.

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Did the lens come with the camera?

What fault is coming up?

You do know that the screen is only for viewing pictures and wont let you preview dont you?

Some lenses wont work in AP mode on Fuji and Nikon cameras.

Check that the contacts on the camera and lens are clean and un damaged.


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is it an older lens? try setting the aperture ring to f32 as it errors if you are using auto focus. nikon cameras come up with F:EE or similar when this happens.

if i were you mate, would be tempted to send it back and pick up an s3 as they are down to just over 600 quid now and you will enjoy the benefits of a more up to date camera.

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