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Philip Jeck soundtrack to Bodysurf dance double bill

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Bodysurf Scotland:

An evening of Intriguing Dance & New Music

Friday 19 May

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 9 (6 concessions & Regulars)

Doors Open: 7pm

Show Starts: 7.30pm

Box office: 01224 642230

Philip Jeck works with old records and record players, salvaged from junk shops, turning them to his own purposes and playing them as musical instruments, to create an intensely personal language that evolves with each added part of a record. He makes genuinely moving and transfixing music, and his methods often leave much to chance. Whilst utilising seemingly outmoded sources, Jeck shows that you don't need a 24 track digital console and an enormous hard disk to make music that is both innovative and involving.

Celebrated for its first touring programme in 2003, Bodysurf Scotland once again brings together an intriguing mix of leading international artists, connected by a common interest in improvisation, to present a real treat for dance, theatre and music lovers alike.

"...The art of improv can be gold-dust in the right hands." **** Sunday Herald 2003

"... lively, engaging double bill ...Brilliant" The Herald 2005

No Kidding

Karl Jay-Lewin (Scotland)

Music by Philip Jeck ( England)

Bringing together the quirky talents of performer Ruby Worth, and the live turntable wizadry of Philip Jeck, this work uses the movement of children as a source of dance vocabulary - irregular walks and skips, odd ball head tilts, wilted leaps and made up martial arts moves. The dance is intently human, humorous and, at times, deliberately ambiguous. Philip Jeck uses old records and record players, playing them as musical instruments, to create an intensely personal language.


Rick Nodine (USA/England) & Jovair Longo ( Brazil/England)

Revered for their performances with Yolande Snaith Theatredance, two of London's most celebrated dance improvisers converge in this breathtaking duet that embraces acrobatic and exhilarating flight patterns, quirky intimacies of touch, and spontaneous flourishes.

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