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Triptych 06: Arab Strap+....


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Triptych 06:

Arab Strap/Kieran Hebden (Fourtet) & Steve Reid: Bill Wells &Tape/My Latest Novel/Aidan John Moffat

Sunday 30 April

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 14 + 1.50 b/fee

Box Office: 01224 642230

Doors 7pm


7pm - 40pm: DJ Nudge

7.40pm - 8.20pm: MY LATEST NOVEL


11pm - 12am: ARAB STRAP


8pm: doors

8.25pm - 8.55pm: AIDAN JOHN MOFFAT

10.10pm - 10.55pm: TAPE WITH BILL WELLS

Arab Strap

Falkirk's resplendent drone-poets and bedroom-bards Arab Strap are a beautiful, lyrical, woebegone duo whose barren psalms and candid narratives have rendered them one of Scotland's most critical bands.

The deuce assure surprises at this year's Triptych: they'll curate a day of japes in Aberdeen which will include special performances from Four Tet, Steve Reid, Bill Wells, Tape - plus an exclusive, spoken-word recital from one "Aidan John Moffat".

Also lauded solo artists, crushing versifier Aidan Moffat makes cenotaphs of beauty as L. Pierre, while devastating melodist Malcolm Middleton's Into the Woods was one of the finest albums of last year.

Yet the Strap remain very much intact - as their current album, The Last Romance, certifies: it conveys the singular, innovative blueprint of a band who trouble hearts and tremble feet with their tender eulogies and tragi-disco beats.

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid

In electronic music's Olympian dominion, Kieran Hebden vaulted the highest bar; raised it above the stars; cleared it again.

London's Hebden - aka contempo artisan Four Tet - runs rings around his stellar contemporaries with an unparalleled palette of hip-hop and techno; drum loops and birdsong; gentle funk and grizzly beats; obscure folk and neo-classical sweeps: as best evinced on 2003's Rounds album, and last year's follow up, Everything Ecstatic (Domino).

It's his work with legendary drummer Steve Reid, however, which is currently rousing startled remark: their 2005 Spirit Jazz collaboration (Soul Jazz), and this year's Exchange Sessions Vol. 1 (Domino) testifies to a vital collaborative effort, and it's Reid with whom Hebden - a long-term Triptych comrade - is set to perform this year.

Bill Wells

A brilliant local jazz-agitator variously described as "Stirling's answer to Sun Ra" and "a Zen-like commander of vibrant psalms", groove alchemist Bill Wells' lavish, life-affirming art traverses dexterous avant-garde improvisation and soaring, cinematic awe.

He's recorded for the Geographic imprint; performed with the likes of Will Oldham and Jens Lekman; collaborated with Isobel Campbell, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Future Pilot AKA - and is set to further confound sonic boundaries and enchant music fans when he joins technoid Swedish dreamboats Tape onstage, (at the fevered behest of Arab Strap), for a special one-off Triptych performance in Aberdeen.


Evoking divergent and fted names like Gastr del Sol, Talk Talk, John Fahey, Faust and Fennesz, dreamy Swedish trio Tape smudge the margins between bucolic and electric; between devised and improvised; between day and night.

The triumvirate - Stockholm's Andreas Berthling, Johan Berthling and Tomas Hallonsten - infuse technological and rural doctrines to striking effect. Armed with an amorous, nigh-infinite arsenal of field recordings, concrete sounds, banjos, vibraphones, synths, Chinese flutes - and countless other aural accoutrements - the three-piece mine a fertile seam indeed.

Tape's second and most recent album, Milieu (Hapna), forages and forges this organic and electronic integration - it's an experimental, gentle treatise whose impressive, impressionistic, gauzy melodies are at once human and mechanical; measured and spontaneous; dark and light.

My Latest Novel

A soaring, melodious Greenock troupe, My Latest Novel's beat-infused,

string-enthused erudite pop fayre is refined and arousing in equal


Signed to stellar collective Bella Union, (the label presided by the

Cocteau Twins' Simon Raymonde, which charts the Dirty Three and Laura

Veirs across its glittering sky), My Latest Novel are a glorious

rabble whose literary designate underpins a bookish predilection for

erudite lines and rascally wordplay.

With a debut album, Wolves, fresh from the press, MLN's sing-a-long,

string-drawn happy cantatas swirl like lullabies, sleigh-rides,

indie-pop paradise.

Live, they peddle giddy, sweet chorales: they're a boho assemblage

with bountiful charms


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