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Adopt a grandparent


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Right dont bloody laugh or feel the need to blatantly rip da piss but with having no grandparents alive i have decided i wouldnt mind adopting either both granparents or even just one..

I live in bridge of don so a b.o.d oldy would be ideal means i could go visit em after ma work and do any chores or shopping that needs doing before i come home......

I am deadly serious about this as i heard a scarey statistic the other day that 70-odd% of pensioners in aberdeen fend for themselfs...

Now anyone woth ANY details on this would be greatfuly recieved


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I read an article about this lady and I think it's a really nice idea. Not all old people are crazy or mean and I think that society these days generally lacks respect for the elderly. 3 out of 4 of my grandparents live quite close by fortunately but I know that lots of people move away and old people get left with little company.

Best of luck to you! I hope you find somebody really nice who appreciates your concern.

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When I worked in Lawries in Queens Road there was one old lady in particular who I looked upon as a sort of adopted granny since my last remaining grandparent died not long before.

Some old people are ace, it's a shame their good name is tarnished by the cunts who try to push in front of people cos they think they have special rights, as well as the old "youth today!" clan.

Oooh, that'll be my mum in a few years...

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anyone any ideas where/how i would go about getting an oldy to kinda look in on and do a bit of chores as Preid says its safer if i do it properly instead of chapping random doors lol

Dont wanna get arrested ken

You could contact Age Concern' date=' im not sure how this would work these days as anyone dealing with kids and the vulnerable have to be cleared by Disclosure Scotland and its expensive...

You could also try here.... [url']http://www.adopt-a-granny.co.uk/

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