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does snuff exist?


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I once bought some from that tobacconist on King st (Herbert Love I think) It was very cheap (the government haven't put the tax up on snuff for decades) and made me sneeze. So I used up the remainder, putting a sprinkle in my 'home rolled' cigarettes. It made them taste even better. I'd recommend it to smokers!

Edit - My Telly is broke, Haven't seen the show on Ch4 - whats that about then?

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Guest DustyDeviada

Yes, 8mm was a bit crap. Funnily enough I watched Hardcore the day before I watched 8mm, Hardcore was better.

Not convinced that snuff movies exist though, I'm sure there have been several odd ocassions where someone has killed someone on film, but the whole thing about underground movements and stuff... nah, somebody would have leaked it by now.

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Does the video 'Executions' count?

Or perhaps any of the 'Faces of Death' videos. If so' date=' seen them and they exist alright.

Also, online does a good line in necrophilia vids if you're into that sort of thing.[/quote']

faces of death was featured in the programme, many of the scenes on it are fake.

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