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new collapse in chaos track on myspace...


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Guest collapse in chaos
er it sounded waaaaaaay better than your mp3s

sounded mroe liek circle takes the square' date=' more hardcore or screamo

your mp3s sound like bog standard metalcore, are these old?[/quote']

we have quite a lot of variations of styles in our songs. That's just one song and yes it is just metalcore, but I'm proud of it.

I agree the recording does take away from the fullness of the song but i hope it'll make you want to come and see us play because you can hear the potential.

cheers for listening

jamie chaos

btw the first MP3 is just a guitar only version of 'The Rise and The Fall'

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Guest Phantomsmasher
hehe nah' date=' theyre from the same jam u heard last night![/quote']

That's really odd like, i thought the same as maxi when i heard you lot, more of a CTTS vibe. Will still probably check it out live to see what's what.

Don't want to comment on the recording as with all practise room recordings it's pretty scetchy, the playing sounds tight enough though.

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Guest collapse in chaos

Cheers dude, i totally agree, thanks for listening.

We'll put up a post when we have a decent four track recording done.

In the mean-time keep checking our myspace for updates.


Jamie Chaos

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