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CD pressing/duplication

Parity's Fall

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yeah but even by doing that its not going to look as good as it would getting them professionally done, unless you have amazing equipment.

And if we were to do that, taking into consideration the cost of a decent printer, hundreds of sheets of glossy paper, ink, cds, booklets etc, it would probably end up costing way more than it would to get them professionally done. Especially since we want around 500-700!

Companies like the one Graham mentioned before can charge you as little as 85p per Cd ("shop quality")...depeding on the quantity you order them in.


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DIY isn't very good for economy of scale really - the amount of time that it would take you to produce 500 CD's would be far better invested elsewhere. Thinking about it now, say it takes 5 minutes per CD to burn..that's what, 40 something hours just to burn 500 cd's? Then you have to print it all off, onto preferably a laser printer (colour lasers aren't cheap :|) and onto decent paper, and then additionally you have to make it look professional on top. It's just not easy at all.

DIY works for some bands, won't work for others. All depends on what you want to do with the release and so on.

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it depends, if you want sharp graphics i.e. photo or something on teh cover then i say go pro, but if it is a doodle or something (which i have seen a few times) just do it DIY

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I'd say 500-700 was a bit optimistic. I'd advise getting 200-300' date=' slightly more expensive per CD probably but better than risking the cost of hundreds of unsold CD's, you can always do another run if you need to.[/quote']

I agree with that, with the Liber8 cd I ended up buying them 200 at a time, when I saw how well they were selling I phoned the guy up, he knocked together another 200 and I had them in 48 hours....:up:

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