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Morrissey - You Have Killed Me


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verdicts and thoughts?

not his best single ever but deffo an infectious little tune, bodes well for the forthcoming album. but then again he could fart in a paper bag and i would class it as genius

roll on april 13th at the gleneagles hotel in kilkarney, county kerry, his first irish/UK date of the tour, should be a hoot!

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I saw the video exclusive on Channel 4 last Thursday.

Dig that pastel pink suit and the cuban heels!

I have to agree with you, Del. The Moz Father could quite easily fart in a paper bag and it would be genius. Christ! He could gargle on a fruit and veg smoothie too and in my opinion it would be the best thing since the invention of quorn. (I am a meat eater by the way. OK, a herbivore for all you pedants out there).

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first review was in the observer by none other than professional northern mouthpeice paul morley and the northern mouthpeice, he say yeah!


i shall be wearing the essential fashion item of 2006 to the gig - my faded 'kill uncle' t shirt. like steve, i too dont get enough....

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I've heard it once on his Myspace page. It's classic Mozza, following the more rock pattern of Your Arsenal, and it's likeable. It's exciting for me when I hear he's releasing new stuff and doing huge tours, because I missed out on his glory days. However, he's hit a rich vein of form and re-captured press attention, so the new album is whetting my appetite

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