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Jesus Christ Monkey Balls


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Jast saw "That Fight" from Kill Bill Vol 1 again and I have to say that it's possibly the greatest 15 minutes that has ever graced the silver screen. The build up is amazing as the bride slays the personal guards of Oren, then Go-Go, then the Crazy 88, then Johnny Mo. Eveyrhing about it is astonishing, it's just pure perfection on celluloid.

Does anyone else have any favourite scenes from films?

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the scene in heat when de niro's posse come rolling out of the bank and have the shootout down the street with pacino's mad skwad. the whole thing was allegedly choreographed by andy mcnab and everything, from the clothes, to the movements, to the sounds of the shorty M16s and the Galils against pacino's FN FNC, is just super cool. apparently if you fired some of those inside a car without earplugs, you'd bleed from your ears and the chances are you'd never hear again! the volume of that bit is terriffic and it totally makes me wish i'd seen it at the cinema.

a particular highlight is the bit when val kilmer drops down behind a car to change his clip and it's just the slickest thing ever! apparently he was ace and the production team were creaming themselves when he did that!!

what a film!


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love that scene from heat by the way.

my vote goes on the scene from The Boondock Saints when the russian mob guys handcuff one of them to the toilet and take his brother down stares to shoot him in the alley.

If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean. Its FUCKING amazing. Espeically when the camera goes silent and to the back of the toilet where you see his wrists BLEEDING like fuck.

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