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Synth questions again.....

Monk Rocker

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Can get you the VST if you want to learn it on that?

It's ok but its not very bassy....I imagine the analogue gear would be slightly better though....The V-Station software is pretty good and heavy though

You could always go for the classic Acid bass synth....this may involve breaking the bank however (you can always legally download Rebirth for free and hear just how stupid these things are)


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If you keyboard player is already using a laptop...absynth is supposed to be the best bass synth there is...I can't get my head around it because I'm not that interested in sound design, but I've got a tutorial DVD currently heading its way to me....

Anything involving computers in a live setting is bound to be a disaster waiting to happen, we all know how unstable these things are doing simple tasks like reading email, playing solitaire.....

Another cool bass synth, the korg MS20...another costly one, there was one in R&B for a while. Great fun. These are slightly easier to get some good sounds from (although arsed if I know what all the patching does....)

They do look great however.....


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mmm.... a few comments...

The Roland TR-303 is NOT good for bass sounds. That was its original purpose in life and it missed the mark by a long way, hence why they ended up in the bargain bins in the mid-80s

303's are THE sound if your making 'aceeeeeed' or psy trance, definately not acid jazz or ambient. A fun bit of kit but not what you need here..

It was a Korg MS-10 that R&B had for a while, it was just priced to make you think it was a MS-20

The Novation Bass station keyboard is ok, its a DCO based synth with fairly basic filters, it doesn't really sound anything like a 303 honestly.. (but that might be good for you). You might find a Korg Poly-800 better value, or a Roland Sh-101 more fun. The Bass Stations were a little overhyped as they hit the market just after the 303 was peaking in price and popularity, with the promise of being something they're not...

If you want something that will do the basses and the ambient sounds a s/h Korg Wavestation will do the business..

Whats your keyboard player already using ? You might be able to use a remote midi controller with a suitably mapped patch on his existing kit.

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