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worst film of 2006?


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Down, down on my internet DVD rental list is this masterpiece from 'Dr' Boll (read the first review):


I figure that after reading so often about how hilariously bad all his movies are, it's about time I witnessed it first-hand... What was Sir Ben Kingsley thinking when he signed up to Bloodrayne?

By the way, the master director doesn't cast until a couple of weeks before shooting, so he can get higher-name actors whose latest project has been scrapped and are at a loose end, without any regards to if they actually fit the part hence why 'party girl' of indescribable stupidity Tara Reid plays a 'young genius anthropologist' in Alone in the Dark...

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Guest tv tanned

Quote from an IMDB user reviewing Alone In The Dark

The director of photography was probably a camcorder taped onto a skateboard and pushed forward until it hits a wall.


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