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The Young Gods in Glasgow last night


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did anyone else go? didn't see anyone from aberdeen i recognised other than one of the guys from le reno amps.

the gig was absolutely amazing, easily the best i've been to all year, ears are still ringing from envoy. two encores and a 1hr40m set! played a few new songs near the start of the set (as well as secret) which all sounded great, apparently there's a new album due out early next year.

so glad i got to see them!

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I didn't get to see them in London On Friday, but they are playing again, on the 6th...

I've seen them before, and I've told anyone who wants to listen, that they are one of the best live bands...

It'd be interesting to know if it was C that went, but probably not (was he the tall skinny one, Al Nero ?)...I've told C to go see them if he can...

Simon Mothboy saw them on Friday, and said they'd played new songs too....exciting to think they might have a new LP out soon.........

amazing to think that it's electronic music controlled by FINGERS and not some boring Cue Base / Pro Tools / Sequencer....and the one thing you think that should be electronic (the drums) are actually Live.

fucking phenominal band

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it was al nero i think, the really tall one

totally agree on the live aspects - the drummer was amazing... amazing stamina but great presence too. the sample guy was amazing... setting aside the hilarious expressions on his face, and the obvious enjoyment he was getting from playing, his performance was really quite spellbinding... he was often managing 5 or 6 samples at a time, it was amazing to watch - probably more so if you knew the songs and knew what he was playing - especially in songs like speed of night, kissing the sun and fais la mouette.

having been to a few gigs this year where everything felt a bit produced and stage managed, seeing the young gods was a refreshing reminder of what music should make you feel like and how it should inspire you. franz treichler is such a good frontman, like rolling up ohgr, al jurgenson and david gahan and adding magic.

no tv sky though, interestingly.

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heh, i never used to like gasoline man, but it really grew on me, and the remixes of it are great too.

it is actually "envoy" and roughly translated in context it means "go and fuck yourself".

i can't believe i forgot about the breakdown they did in envoy! it was great! though to be honest there were so many jaw droppingly good moments that it is hard to recall them all.

it makes you wonder though... 3 guys - a drummer, a vocalist, and a guy who orchestrates samples. they played through a rig that is technically inferior to that of somewhere like Kef in aberdeen - yet they sounded a hundred miles better than any band i've ever seen in kef, and that's not a sleight on kef's system, engineers or better touring bands. just tells me that it's all about 1. having good music 2. knowing your music 3. enjoying your music.

i really was in awe.

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