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Sam the Eagle

So, Des on countdown...

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anyone watching it?

it just doesn't feel right, he's not going badly or anything, he just doesn't seem like he should be there.

he seems quite thin as well, perhaps richard was just a bit larger than i remember, the camera seems like it's the same distance from him, but he doesn't seem to be filling the screem as much.

i'm sure i'll get used to it though.

quite excited about the program coming on after it, the return of noel! apparently it is a brilliant concept with tension that rivals the first run of millionaire.

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Des will take a bit of getting used to. He`ll settle in though I reckon.

Edmonds on the other hand? Anyone else think that was utter pish?

Their "brilliant concept" seems awfy similar to a Des O`Connor thing where you picked a box and he offers to buy it off you. Except Noel drags it out for 45 minutes and every commercial break is a Tarrant-esque cliffhanger moment.

Oi ! Edmonds ! NOOOOOOOOO !!! Surely the degree of success a game show contestant has should depend somewhat on intelligence, knowledge or some other kind of ability other than picking some numbers then saying "Yes" or "No". If picking numbers and winning money for it was entertaining they`d make a tv programme out of the national bloody lottery....


**Coat got**

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genuinely just shed a little tear for richard there, don't really know what came over me.

Imnot generaly one for dissing people or slagging em for being weak but FFS thats unreal....Save your tears for ronnie barker ...........................................

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