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stapleton tour + album

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Stapleton will be heading out early december on the back of the new album Hug the Coast, produced by Jawbox/Burning Airlines/Channels frontman J Robbins (who has produced records by Shiner, Jets to Brazil, The Promise Ring, Braid, Medications, Against Me! + more). It is due to be released on gravity dip records (www.gravitydip.com) at the end of november. They will be joining jade tree records Statistics (featuring Denver Dalley of Desaparicidos, Conor Obursts other band).

01 Dec - Glasgow Barfly

02 Dec - Aberdeen Tunnels

04 Dec - Manchester

05 Dec - Northampton Roadmenders, with Statistics

06 Dec - Leicester Charlotte with Statistics

07 Dec - Sheffield Casbah with Statistics

08 Dec - Leeds Josephs Well with Statistics

09 Dec - Norwich Ferryboat with Statistics

10 Dec - Kingston Peel with Statistics

11 Dec - Exeter Cavern with Statistics

12 Dec - London Underworld with Statistics

about time too :D

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id like to point out that we are not promoting this show' date=' i believe its the good people at RFR that are doing it

i was simply posting the news that they were touring, and the fact that its great to see them here again[/quote']

Yeah I soon realised, but we still salute you regardless!

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