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  1. Hi there, just wondering if the Tanglewood guitar is still for sale? I'd give you £50 for it.


  2. Wish I could make it to this but I'll be in Dundee. Have a good one!
  3. I'm selling a Roland SP-404 Sampler on Ebay: Roland SP-404 Sampler on eBay (end time 08-Apr-11 18:01:37 BST) Feel free to make an offer
  4. I'm sure there's a market for these somewhere but maybe not on here: Mac CD Rom games 90s: - Air Warrior plus (including box and manual) - Apple Magic Collection by Disney Interactive (including box) - Command & Conquer (can't find CD unfortunately, box and manual is there if you just have the CD) - Encyclopedia Britannica '98 (including box and instruction manual, box is a bit tatty) - F/A-18 Korea (including box and instruction manual) - Full Throttle (including box and instruction manual) If anyone would want these or knows of anyone who might just get in touch!
  5. Any idea of what time Wedding Present will be on Ross? Finish work at 9!
  6. Scorge you can have the Scotland ones, no problem, - v. Yugoslavia (European U21 Championship QF First Leg) Pittodrie 14/05/1984 - v. Wales (World Cup Qualifier) Hampden 27/03/1985 - v. England (Rous Cup) Hampden 23/05/1987 - v. Egypt (Friendly) Pittodrie 16/05/1990 If he's interested, I have one Dunfermline one, Scottish Cup 3rd Round Replay 01/02/1989 Just let me know
  7. No, the earliest I've got is Joe Harper's testimonial from 1980, then '84 onwards. Noticed you were selling fanzines, any luck with them? know of any collectors?
  8. I have a heap of Aberdeen and some Scotland programmes from the 80s and 90s that I need to get rid of. If there are any collectors or if anyone knows of any collectors who might be interested, let me know. They're free to a good home.
  9. I have a slight problem with my pickup selector for my 72 Telecaster custom and was wondering if anyone knew the easiest way to fix it? If I select the neck humbucker (which I usually use) it keeps on popping back into the centre position. I have been using tape to hold it in place but it is frustrating as i occasionally flip to the bridge pickup mid song. If anyone knows how to rectify this problem, you're knowledge would be much appreciated!
  10. I'll buy it off ye Ross, if it's still going?
  11. Don't worry I've got plenty of Melton Mowbary pork pies ready for this one!
  12. I've got the 50w Hi-gain head without the reverb controls, made in england. I think it's really good! without being an amp aficiando I went for it without properly hearing one, read a bit about them on the internet, saying they were good with pedals etc. also cosiderin Duane Denison, J Mascis and Pete Townsend are fans. As you say. it's good gettin the crunchy break up using the master and I push it with an OD3 which works for me. Wouldn't go as far as saying it's perfect but when do you ever think that with amps? It's really responsive and it's got a nice gritty sound which doesn't stray into metal distortion unless you use the hi gain channel (which I don't) With the Hi gain channel, it makes it more versatile I guess. It's perfect for hardcore, it's clear sounding but you can make it sound very aggresive! I like to think of it as sounding imperfectly perfect Just to let you know I bought mine new for about 600 from Fret Music. The boy said it was slightly mare expensive as it is English made. How you enjoying it?
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