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steven milne :: ep launch :: saturday 29th october :: lemon tree

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hey dudes

I have a solo ep coming out this month

i have a few gigs to promote it including two at the lemon tree this month

one solo this thursday 20th October - free entry

1pm kick off - im playing solo and accoustic

more info:


and i have a full launch gig later in the month at lemon tree


saturday 29th october

full launch gig with support

im playing the ep songs with a drummer, bassist and keyboard player. strictly non-little kicks members to avoid confusion as its just a wee side project

its a table and chairs night so should be mellow one and good fun

four acts:

steven milne


the boy lacks patience

the kitchen cynics

plus dj nikolas mailerskis

9pm - 1am - lemon tree - 5/ 3.25 nus

details in link below:



The ep is 6 tracks long and is 5!

tracks are as follows:


2.talking to strangers

3.looks like ill never know

4.folk song

5.who do you love?

6.please dont change

The ep was recorded in March this year in a friends house and is mostly made up of accoustic, electric guitars, piano and harmonies.

its very chilled out and would be an ideal purchase for any self respecting music lover!ahem!

anyway come down and be merry


for more information or a copy email me:


cheers for the support

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saturday night

here is the times for saturday night


9pm Doors Open

9.30pm Kitchen Cynics

10.15pm The Boy Lacks Patience

11pm Delawair

11.45pm Steven Milne

1am Curfew


hope to see you all there

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solo stuff

basically, its a side project and a bit of fun. The little kicks are still in full flow and the guys are supportive and will be ther on saturday. I just thought it would distinguish it a lot more from the kicks by getting other people involved. Toby (guitarist) is on holiday till end of month so we arent playing till November. Perfect time to release a solo ep as I like to be kept busy.

Ive been getting asked this a lot so, the ep came from the following...

About a year ago i was tweaking some little kicks recordings with a friend at his home studio (adding harmonies, equalizing a wee bit). I decided to demo some new and old songs while i was there as the recording equipment had a really nice sound. We recorded about 8 acoustic demos and added a couple of piano parts and harmonies here and there and the songs grew from that.

It really was meant to just be a demo but I really enjoy the recording process and we ended up spending around 6 months on it (we could only do one night a week due to commitments). Most of the songs ended up having harmonies, piano, organ, bass, guitars and various effects on them and the feedback from people who heard it made me think i should put it out.

It doesnt sound anything like the little kicks so its a definite side project. I ve been writing songs since i was 17 and i listen to heaps of stuff so sometimes i write a song that is clearly suitable for the kicks and sometimes it would be suitable but maybe better as a solo song. The first song i ever wrote is on the solo ep. Its really just a way of putting some songs out and the little kicks may use them in future but probably rock them up a lot more!

i find it hard to describe the ep, i think some parts its influenced by brian wilson, johnny cash , nick drake and things like that! its really chilled out compared to anything else ive ever done so weve thrown a few upbeat covers into the set for saturday to keep it lively!

biggest accolade ive had is alan cynic saying he has it in his i-pod!

Speaking of whom, im sure it wont be the last time you play the lemon tree.Im really looking forward to your set and the whole night in general, although im somewhat nervous!!!

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Thats good to hear as ive seen you's a few times(played with you once) and liked your stuff! I know what you mean about having tunes that wouldnt be right for the band as i listen to loads odf different things and that comes out in some songs that would sound shit if other people touched them!!!

Sure all will go well!!!

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