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  1. No chance pal, you canna save the ball and hold a can and a fag at the same time! I reckon id put 4 past you at least!! Someone get this organised, the weathers getting better!!
  2. At least spell out name right Justin!! Or you wantin a heidbutt???
  3. Gotta bump this up, shamless i know!!!
  4. Does a fish have a waterproof heid!! 3-1
  5. Try: Pearl Jam - Daughter Beatles - Hey Bulldog Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the head QOTSA - Songs for the dead Oasis - Eyeball Tickler
  6. You guys should of checked out my old band The Moneyshot, we had a glam rock thang going on, we were the mutts nuts, kinda New York Dolls meet The Faces meet The Black Crowes! Nothing lasts forever.......................well, apart from Keef Richards! Sounds like your gonna rip it up!!!
  7. Fig rolls are the mutts nuts, their like jaffa cakes, once you have one you've gotta eat em all.
  8. So whos on standby, Vegas, Nicole Smith?? Maybe Stallone again haha that'd be brilliant! Whod you most like to see in the house if you could pick anyone. I'd go for Ricky Gervais or Sue Pollard. And Maggot to win, and that spunk bucket that shagged Sven out first.
  9. I cant believe you guys have entered the Church of Chuck dis-believing his abilities and powers.....................and you havent got on the standard black vest/combats on, hmmph!
  10. I was watching something about Big Brother last night and someone compared Nadia to Steven Seagal. She could prob kick his ass though, big square jawed mofo!
  11. C'mon now, you gotta be kidding? Have you seen Double Impact? Next you'll be comparing him to that Bruce whotsisname? Lee i think. Havent you read the handy factfile above? This country...
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