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Shall I drink a beer for you???

Alvin Starclusk

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OK. In a moment of drunken madness, I've set myself a challenge. I'm on a week and a half long holiday from work (for the first time in nearly two years time) to Munich (and possibly Prague) for Oktoberfest, as of Tuesday.

As of right now, anyone that sends me a PM with their full name, I will 1) drink a beer for you, 2) take a photo of me in either Munich or Prague (or maybe Frankfurt if everything goes wrong) with your name in front of me and a stein (and to prove I'm not fucking around, it'll either be a different beer or a different t-shirt) and 3) donate 1 to a charity of my choosing (which will be Cot Death-related). Feel free to double up what I'm offering.

Go fucking nuts.

I'm quite ugly, but don't let that stop you.

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Right, first off, thanks to everyone that's sponsored me to do something I was going to do anyway (i.e. drink shitloads of beer). Secondly, I truly appreciate you making my trip (more) worthwhile. Thirdly, the good news is, my travelling companion has agreed to put in the same amount as I do, so we're looking at increasingly stupid (but worthy) amounts of money to charitable causes.

Good on yer.

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