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Radio Show Pt 2

Fast Caz

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Okay, the explanation. It would appear the Opeth track (and hopefully not the rest of Hog's show) is only coming out of one channel (the right). The left channel is silent. The automated radio software will automatically switch back to the local band playlist (there is NIN done by spellchecker in the play list now - hence why you heard NIN) when it detects more than 60 seconds silence. There is more than 60 seconds of silence - on the left channel. Hence it switches back to the playlist every time. It's a bit silly and it should really consider that there is sound coming out on the right channel. But never mind.

Any idea why the Opeth song only plays through one speaker Hog? I've checked the MP3 and it was recorded that way. Thankfully - the rest of your show looks fine. *phew*

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Likewise. I only took a quick look at the waveform and if definitely goes back to two speakers later on. Hopefully it's just Devy and then back to normal. Bit of a shame though.

Hog, I hope you are learning a lesson here. Always playback your recordings! :p

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