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FUDGE#2 backissues - get 'em while they're, err, hot?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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i have 20 copies left, or so. if you want one, PM me or post here. it'll cost you fuck all.

CD features:

none left, nae luck.

Zine features:

idlewild interview

therapy? interview

risingson interview

high llamas interview

red by choice interview

desert island discs with psycho a-go-go

uncle mikey's guide to writing nu-metal lyrics

ask dr feylgood

an article about our work experience girl, louise (yes, we really had one)

the great fudge dictionary of rock, part 2, H-P

rock test: craig sidca vs. adam sinister waltz

rock test: christy de barros/magdalane cox vs. adam clocker

rock test: james vine vs. grant slipstream

rock test: scott king voodoo vs. dangerous dave dixon of the needles

get in the muthafucking ring! local celebs all come round our flat, get hammered, and talk shite... for example:

Ricky Clocker: "the aberdeen music scene? there isn't one"

Adie Nunn: "power rangers wasn't that long ago!"

Terry Sirius: "that's his best friend that she should be shagging"

Chin Sirius: "i would eat a cow, but i wouldn't eat a woman"

DJ Fandango: "can i butt in? all the pills i've ever taken have been totally foolproof"

Craig Deadloss: "that's not a pentagram, it's a star. i thought a pentagram had six corners"

Martin Deadloss: "in just 'in touch' with the kids"

Fudge: "blowjobs. i'm sure i said it quite clearly"

reviews of Kenadas, Khaya, Deadloss Superstar, Afterglow, Asuka, Bliss, Ex-Cathedra, FeSTR, Kato, Purple Munkie, Risingson, Sidca, Sons Of A Baker, Ali Moodie, Psycho A-Go-Go, Killswitch, Vine, Deckard, Coriolis, Risingson, Malinki, Widescreen, Skank Youth Team, Silver Pill, Risingson, J-60, Super Furry Animals, High Llama, The Charlatans, King Prawn, Bishops Weed, Stereophonics, Our Lady Peace, Yeild, Deadloss SUperstar, Abdoujaparov, The Kenadas, Huckleberry, Strumpet, Hauller, Purple Munkie, Therapy? The Yo-Yos, Slipstream, mercades, Milk It, Slipknot, One Minute Silence, Theapy?, co.uk, Clutch, The Wannadies, Soulwax, Laeto, Maple, Sirius, Seven Stone Under, Risactonia, Best Dad, Flipside, My Pet Cow, Black Atom, Subsist, 7 Stone Under, Sirius, Pulzar, TAR, Evergreen, Nero, Hauller, Annie Christian, Buddah Crush, Throat, Areil, Kelebeck Butterfly, King Voodoo, Columbo, Gunz n' Rozez, Fools Gold, Korn, P.O.D., Incendiary, Matt Duncan (Banjo Boy), Purple Munkie, Clocker, Best Dad, Halcion Daze, Red By Choice, Sinister Waltz, Subsist, de Barros

and more space-filling and hysterically funny articles and rants.

:D get in touch if you want a copy

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