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Dead Anyway Promotions: Thursday 14th July

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why hello..

Sorry buddy I don't have a website. To give you an idea though my sets are just thrown together acoustic tit bits. a very strummy strummy power vocal type of thing. But I will have the amazing chric carroll (one of the best acoustic guitarists in town) doing a few tunes with me. So don't be put off. There may also be an appearance by Neil (drummer/percussionist) of eric euan & red man walking fame.

I can also almost guarantee you'll love the Vandelays too. It's hard not too, super catchy vocal harmonies mixed with pop rock riffs. They were excellent when we played with them at the Maple album launch.

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smart arse

i always thought the crown for best acoustic guitarist went to Chris Carroll.... is chric a relation?

Yes, they are brothers. Chric is the better of the 2. He plays guitar with his feet while banging on timpani and plucking a harp with his tongue. Like I said...amazing. Almost unbelievable really but then thats Chric.

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Yup indeedie do..

Well I have to say that Vandelays didn't disapoint. Some great hooks and awesome riffs.

The A forest were not bad. Had a cello, cool. My only gripe would be the vocals. The female singer has a great voice but she doesn't use it, she needs to grow some balls and open up a little. Like, I say, great voice but she needs to push it. This would totally fuel the songs further and tie them together better. Otherwise though a very enjoyable evening.

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