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  1. not sure what mighty teckle means but if you mean shit hot your damn right... they played a blinding set bookended by corduroy and dalliance with david lynch's twin peaks epic 'falling' in the middle... brilliant!!!!!
  2. I can and I did. People who are prepared to pay for it are out of pocket. Why should they have to pay for it when others who are no better than them don't? People who have paid for it to be created are out of pocket. If it was free to produce an albums worth of songs then there would probably be no problem but its not free. Money is spent on rehearsals and equipment and studio time and mastering and promotion. Smaller music stores who rely on sales to generate income are out of pocket. If people arn't prepared to pay for larger artists work they definately wont pay for smaller lesser known artists. CDs will stay on shelfs and stores will shut down. Companies who are providing you access to millions of high quality downloads are out of pocket. They employ staff who have to maintain files and systems and those staff will eventually loose jobs if there is no revenue. Theft of any kind is a fact of life. The fact that a music track isnt a physical object doesn't make any difference, it still has a price tag and there are still laws governing its purchase and use. Perhaps we should deal with and work round petty shop thieves too. i'm sorry, your right ... perhaps i'v misinterpreted the meaning of shoplifting... "To steal (articles or an article) from a store that is open for business." or "The stealing of anything from a shop." no... no thats what i thought... but perhaps you could say that they arn't being downloaded from the online store but from a torrent site, however there is no doubt of the legallity... so in actual fact 'receiving stolen goods' is proabably a closer analogy... my apologies to anyone who downloads illegally and was offended by being likened to a shoplifter... after careful consideration a person who downloads illegally is actually more like a pikey...
  3. and people who are actually paying for the music they listen to... and yes they could download illegally too, but they dont... and you know why?... because its illegal!!! downloading albums or songs illegally is no better than shoplifting, it forces prices up and it leaves companies large and small out of pocket (i'm sure the good people of local independant music shops world wide are over the moon that people think they have made enough money over the years...) and as a musician who has music for sale both online and on good 'old fashioned' compact disc, and in relation to someone else's comments earlier, I can say that I'm also happy to give away cd's and provide free downloads to get my music heard... but that should be my desicion to make as the artist and certainly not someone sitting at home, too cheap to pay 79 pence for unlimited use of a song i'v taken time and money to produce...
  4. I hardly think CD packaging can be compared to breakfast cereal packaging... after you've listened to a CD do you just throw the packaging away???? of course books and magazines are also mass produced, and you could find the content online if you wanted and cut out the need to buy the actual product... yet an awful lot of people do go out and buy the actual products... why cant buying a cd and having the artwork and content on your shelf be any different... and to be fair there a lot of people who are into packaging design be it frosties or not, theres nothing sad about admiring something your genuinelly interested in...
  5. that would probably sound more impressive if you hadn't had bands and venue staff waiting for you and the touring band to turn up for soundcheck, which ended up running two hours late... and if any of the above had any information about running times or the bizzarre curfew...
  6. They should have got the 'lorelei' to play the opening weekend... nothing says 'lemon tree's heyday' than one of the top bands from that time... plus they are a local band, relevant to the scene and the past few times they played the lemon tree (during the 'return of the lorelei') the place was packed and the atmosphere was exactly the same as it used to be... but shooglenifty?!?!? really?....
  7. dunno if they are available, or if you can get a hold of them, or if they are eligable but cuddly shark would be an awsome fit for cats and cats and cats.... i'm just saying....
  8. there's a joke in there somewhere... but i'll be dammned if i'm the one to say it...
  9. is that your band 'sign out'...? "glad you had a 'goodnight'..."?
  10. ...ABSOLUTELY!!! when you free???? incidentally, have you seen transformers animated yet?.... its awsome!!!
  11. me too..... hoorah... if i'm sitting anywhere near you could you please follow through with any standing applause plans this time... i feel you let the side down a little at transformers...
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