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McKays of Queen Street in art festival


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http://www.lookevents.co.uk/events8.htm looks a nice interesting festival with loads of slightly mad things going on...

Date: Wednesday 15th June - Friday 24th June| Venue: McKays, 29-31 Queen Street, Aberdeen

Time: 9am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am - 7pm Thu, 11am - 5.30pm Sun

An installation of films on walking and exploration at this most traditional of outdoor equipment purveyors.

Stewart Home. Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Oedipus Complex, 41 min

This film was made in Australia while Home was artist-in-residence at Melbournes Victorian College of the Arts in May 2004. In the film avant-garde techniques and the avant-garde obsession with death interweave with reflections on the life and death of his mother Julia Callan-Thompson. This is simultaneously an expression of love and loss and an attempt to draw out the ways in which the avant-garde Lettrist cinema of the early fifties in France was commercialised in the later work of Godard, Marker and Resnais.

Chris Petit/Ian Sinclair. The Cardinal and the Corpse (1992), The Falconer (1997), Asylum (2000)

Three collaborations between director Chris Petit and psychogeographer, poet and novelist Iain Sinclair about marginalized cultural figures, produced by Illuminations Films for Channel Four.

Bill Thompson, aberdeen, audio installation, 8 hours

This soundwalk piece was recorded during one long continuous exploration of Aberdeen. Throughout our day we filter out the sounds around us in order to focus on what we need to do. As a result, we miss the beauty of our ambient surroundings. Due to the sheer length of the piece, it is hoped that listeners will 'get lost' within the work and not be able to predict when or where they are within the soundwalk.

Tom Weir. Weirs Way, approx. 20 min. each

Four episodes of the TV-series featuring Scotlands pioneering psychogeographer as he explores Glen Affric, Wester Ross, Loch Torridon and the coastline of Applecross.

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oooh i have soo many jeans from that shop, the old classic 'lee' jeans, yum..

but the guy kept tryin to scare me away by always following me round the shop, with cheeky side-glances..

i once fell over in the changing rooms, and he got a good eye-ful of me avec jeans around my ankles. fun

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I love the way the guy down stairs says he's "waiting for new stock"' date=' which basically translates as "I can't be bothered to go down to the stock room and dust off a pair of flares in your size till next week".[/quote']

Last year on a lunchtime walk I saw McKays getting a delivery. Of course perhaps the cardboard boxes be taken in were empty :up:

previous McKays thread

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Of course perhaps the cardboard boxes be taken in were empty :up:

I reckon grave robbery is their main source of stock intake, there is no way anybody is still making those Wrangler flares, unless theres a small Wrangler factory somewhere in the American Midwest unaware they've gone out of fashion.

Saying that, I bought a pair last year so I assume others are aswell, maybe they just dust them up to make them look 'vintage'.

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hang on' date=' so if i go into mackays anytime the shops open between the 15th and 24th of june they will be showing weir's way? this sounds like some sort of crazy dream. why's this happening in mackays? where in mackays is this going to happen??[/quote']

They are showing Weir's way in the tent room and there was another TV DVD showing another 40 min film.

NB tent room - upstairs, take first right and right again.

Other TV / DVD upstairs - straight on, pass the gas masks and army gubbins, then on your left.

Showing the films is a great way of getting more customers instore I suppose...

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