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The Coral

Time Machine

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Just wondering what people's thoughts on this band are? I remember hearing Paul Weller raving about them in an interview, and I went out and bought the 'Skeleton Key EP'. I actually watched them at Lava as it was then, along with a handful of folk. Was anyone else at that gig? I remember it well, it was stunning. Actually stood next to James Skelly at the bar, I should've got the EP signed in hindsight! Must've been back in early '02. I've seen them quite a few times now. They seem to be getting better and better in my opinion. I remember seeing them in Glasgow in June '02 at the QMU, in a gig that was supposed to be a joint headline with The Music, until they pulled out. We all watched the Spain v Ireland World Cup game in Firewater on Sauchiehall Street before it. Great game, great gig! The new album is wicked too!

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I really like them and consider them to be quite under-rated.

The debut is brillaint, a bit all over the place, but it works and there's not a bad song on it. Skeleton Key is probably still my favourite coral track.

Magic & Medicine is almost as good in my opinion, it used to be my favourite.

Nightfreak... a bit hit and miss, so therefore not as good as the first two, but still some great songs and some songs which sound completely different from songs on any of their other albums.

The invisible invasion really dissapointed me on first listen, but even after the second listen it had grown on me a lot. I'll wait a bit before comparing it ot hte others.

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I agree in that they are an underated band, their debut album was definately their best but still some great songs on the other ones, hope they come to aberdeen soon, was gutted they cancelled last time they were due to play up here, I only saw them at T in the park a couple of years ago, was a bit sun burnt so didnt enjoy it so much

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