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Beautiful day isn't it? I'm scunnered with the worst cold I've had in a decade. Ah, life. Nevermind, I took the chance to dust off the accordion I got for my birthday and attempt to rattle off a tune. I've never played an accordion before mind, so no cheap shots....

The track is here: http://www.soundclick.com/iansimpson - it's the first track on the page - no shit sherlock!

Back to bed.

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It's a possibility. Thanks for checking & the idea.

In my Lemsip-addled state I forgot to tell you what I was wanting you to check the track for.

* Anyone got any good accordion-playing tips? (Only one I've found so far is to move the bellows in and out once a bar - I'm telling you I'm a complete beginner).

* How does the instrument sound in the mix? I'm playing around with mic placement and reverb patches, trying to get it sounding reasonably natural. Ignore the tinny guitar - that's deliberate... ;)

Off to check for breakbeats. :)

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well, i also am ill today, too ill at the mo to make any comment on accordians but i would like to say i still play my copy of coffee and ideas, and always enjoy it.i especially like the tune about you seing the same man on gearge street i think, whilst you were on the bus.in fact i'll play it next, after the fantastic ac/dc track 'nick of time', which to me gives off the slight vibe of classic motley crue, mixed with melodic ac/dc riffy hooks.

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I just played it on 'lo-fi' setting, and it sounded pleasantly down...you could easily add lyrics and make a short song out of it.

As for the mix, personally I find the drum machine a bit loud. Unlike neubeatz I'd replace them with something more organic, like bongoes (but then, I'm not a drums fan).

I took accordion lessons for a while in the early 70s, but very little has lodged in my memory, sadly.

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Thanks for the comments. Drums definitely seem to be the problem here, so I'll take that as a positive comment about the accordion!

Steve - long time no speak, glad you're still about and listening to CAI. "Eyes" is set on King Street in my head, but it can be on George St in yours!! :)

Alan - good luck with the Thomas Truax gig this week! I'll be there in spirit!

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