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Gruesome... C5 now


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Guest *alex*

i watched it with one of my flatmates and adameasywishes...the pair of them were like a couple of little girls, so i didn't see much tv, was too busy laughing at them, oh the joys..

(adam, please spare my life:))

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the worst one i watched was when there was a guy with tit-implants..

he lost a bet, and as his forfeit he had to get a boob-job, but he loved them so much that he decided to keep them.. his wife then left him whilst pregnant with their baby, due to him havin a stupid pair of titties.. he then got another, may i add, ANOTHER phillipno (sp?) girlfriend, who likes the tits, and has to shave them for him..

i was revolted, and amused beyond belief..

and what a kak bunch of presenters, i mean an ex-thim, ex-fat, ex thin, ex-fat vanessa feltz, and extremely annoyin american surgeon with a voice that cuts through ya, and a girl who snorted so much coke that she lost her septum, and then had it rebuilt..

uhh the disgustingness of it all, i am more mortified by the presenters than by watchin the surgery (which i find really exciting n interesting) :D

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